Date and time settings

If your application writes formatted dates and will be used in other countries, you might want to make sure that the date is in a format familiar to the user. The best approach is to specify a date by using VBA's DateSerial function and let Excel take care of the formatting details (it will use the user's short date format).

The following procedure uses the DateSerial function to assign a date to the StartDate variable. This date is then written to cell A1 with the local short date format.

Sub WriteDate()

Dim StartDate As Date StartDate = DateSerial(2003, 4, 15) Range("A1") = StartDate End Sub

If you need to do any other formatting for the date, you can write code to do so after the date has been entered into the cell. Excel provides several named date and time formats, plus quite a few named number formats. These are all described in the online help (search for named date/time formats or named numeric formats).

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