Creating Function Procedures


A function is a VBA procedure that returns a value. You can use these functions in your Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code or in formulas.

♦ The difference between Sub procedures and Function procedures

♦ How to create custom functions

♦ About Function procedures and function arguments

♦ How to create a function that emulates Excel SUM function

♦ How to debug functions, deal with the Paste Function dialog box, and use add-ins to store custom functions

♦ How to call the Windows Application Programming Interface (API) to perform otherwise impossible feats

VBA ENABLES YOU TO CREATE SUB PROCEDURES AND FUNCTION PROCEDURES. I cover Sub procedures in the preceding chapter, and in this chapter I discuss Function procedures.

Chapter 11 has many useful and practical examples of Function proce-dures.You can incorporate many of those techniques into your work.

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