Check Box

A CheckBox control is useful for getting a binary choice: yes or no, true or false, on or off, and so on. When a CheckBox is checked, it has a value of True; when it's not checked, the CheckBox value is False.

A ComboBox control is similar to a ListBox control. (See the upcoming section, "ListBox.") A ComboBox, however, is a drop-down box, and it displays only one item at a time. Another difference is that the user could be allowed to enter a value that doesn't appear in the list of items.

Every dialog box that you create will probably have at least one CommandButton. Usually, you'll want to have a CommandButton labeled OK and another labeled

A Frame control is used to enclose other controls. You do this either for aesthetic purposes or to logically group a set of controls. A frame is particularly useful when the dialog box contains more than one set of OptionButton controls.

An Image control is used to display a graphic image, which can come from a file or pasted from the Clipboard. You might want to use an Image control to display your company's logo in a dialog box. The graphics image is stored in the workbook. That way, if you distribute your workbook to someone else, you don't have to include a copy of the graphics file.

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