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Excel has decent charting capabilities, but this feature is definitely showing its age. As I mention earlier in this chapter, you can store charts on a chart sheet or float them on a worksheet.

The easiest way to create a chart is to select the data to be charted and then use the Chart Wizard. (You can choose the corresponding button on the Standard toolbar.) The Chart Wizard walks you through the steps to create a chart that meets your needs (see Figure 2-8).

You can also create pivot charts. A pivot chart is linked to a pivot table, and you can view various graphical summaries of your data by using the same techniques used in a pivot table.

Excel offers extensive chart customization options. If a chart is free-floating, just click a chart element to select it (or double-click it to display its formatting dialog box). Right-clicking a chart element displays a shortcut menu.

Figure 2-8: Use the Chart Wizard to create a chart.

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