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A chart sheet normally holds a single chart. Many users ignore chart sheets, preferring to store charts on the worksheet's drawing layer. Using chart sheets is optional, but they make it a bit easier to print a chart on a page by itself, and they are especially useful for presentations.

How Big Is a Worksheet?

It's interesting to stop and think about the actual size of a worksheet. Do the arithmetic (256 x 65,536), and you'll see that a worksheet has 16,777,216 cells. Remember that this is in just one worksheet. A single workbook can hold more than one worksheet.

If you're using an 800 x 600 video mode with the default row heights and column widths, you can see 12 columns and 28 rows (or 336 cells) at a time — which is about .002 percent of the entire worksheet. In other words, nearly 50,000 screens of information reside within a single worksheet.

If you entered a single digit into each cell at the relatively rapid clip of one cell per second, it would take you about 194 days, nonstop, to fill up a worksheet. To print the results of your efforts would require more than 36,000 sheets of paper — a stack about six feet high.

Filling an entire workbook with values is not recommended. Such a file would be huge and extremely slow to work with because Windows would be continually paging information to disk. As you may have surmised, Excel does not allocate memory for each cell; only cells that are actually used take up memory.

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