About Procedures

A procedure is a series of VBA statements that resides in a VBA module, which you access in the Visual Basic Editor (VBE). A module can hold any number of procedures.

You have a number of ways to call, or execute, procedures. A procedure is executed from beginning to end, but it can also be ended prematurely.

A procedure can be any length, but many people prefer to avoid creating extremely long procedures that perform many different operations.You may find it easier to write several smaller procedures, each with a single purpose. Then, design a main procedure that calls those other procedures. This approach can make your code easier to maintain.

Some procedures are written to receive arguments. An argument is simply information that is used by the procedure that is passed to the procedure when it is executed. Procedure arguments work much like the arguments that you use in Excel worksheet functions. Instructions within the procedure generally perform logical operations on these arguments, and the results of the procedure are usually based on those arguments.

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