User Form Checklist

Before you unleash a UserForm on end users, be sure that everything is working correctly. The following checklist should help you identify potential problems.

♦ Are similar controls the same size?

♦ Are the controls evenly spaced?

♦ Is the dialog box too overwhelming? If so, you may want to group the controls by using a MultiPage control.

♦ Can every control be accessed with a hot key?

♦ Are any of the hot keys duplicated?

♦ Is the tab order set correctly?

♦ Will your VBA code take appropriate action if the user presses Esc or clicks the Close button on the UserForm?

♦ Are there any misspellings in the text?

♦ Does the dialog box have an appropriate caption?

♦ Will the dialog box display properly at all video resolutions? Sometimes labels that display properly with a high-resolution display will appear cutoff in VGA display mode.

♦ Are the controls grouped logically (by function)?

♦ Do ScrollBar and SpinButton controls allow valid values only?

♦ Are ListBoxes set properly (Single, Multi, or Extended)?

Chapter 14

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