Few Words about Excels Menu

If you've read Chapter 22, you already know that a menu bar (like a toolbar) is a CommandBar object. In fact, the techniques that I describe in Chapter 22 also apply to menu bars.

So how does a menu bar differ from a toolbar? In general, a menu bar is displayed at the top of the Excel window, directly below the title bar. When clicked, the top-level controls on a menu bar display a drop-down list of menu items. A menu bar can also contain three window control buttons (Minimize, Restore, and

Close) that are displayed only when a workbook window is maximized. Toolbars, on the other hand, usually consist of graphical icons and do not display any control buttons.

These rules are definitely not cast in stone. You can, if desired, add traditional toolbar buttons to a menu bar or add traditional menu items to a toolbar. You can even move a menu bar from its traditional location and make it free-floating. Although Excel supports multiple menu bars, only one can be visible at any time.

Beginning with Excel 2002, Excel's menu bar displays a "Type a question for help" box, which is a quick way to search the Help system. If you would prefer not to see this box, you can hide it by using the following VBA statement:


DisableAskAQuestionDropDown = False

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