Pivot tables have been evolving. They were introduced in Excel 95 and perfected in Excel 97. In Excel 2000, pivot table creation in VBA was dramatically altered. Some new parameters were added in Excel 2002. Thus, you need to be extremely careful when writing code in Excel 2003 that might be run in Excel 2000 or Excel 97.

Just a few simple tweaks make 2003 code run in 2000, but a major overhaul is required to make 2003 code run in Excel 97. Given that we are 6 years out from Excel 97 and given that Microsoft has not supported the product for 2+ years, I will write most of the chapter using only the pivot cache method introduced in Excel 2000. At the end of the chapter, I'll briefly cover the Pivot Table Wizard method, which is your only option if you need code to run in Excel 97.

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