Using the User Form Toolbar in the Design of Controls on User Forms

In the Visual Basic Editor, hidden under View, Toolbars, are a few toolbars that don't appear unless the user intervenes. One of these is the Userform toolbar, shown in Figure 21.1:

■ Bring to Front—Bring the selected control to the front of all other controls.

■ Send to Back—Send the selected control to the back of all other controls.

■ Group—Group the selected controls.

■ Ungroup—Ungroup the selected grouping of controls.

■ Alignments—The select controls are aligned according to their Lefts, Centers, Rights, Tops, Middles, Bottoms, To Grid.

■ Centering—Center the selected control horizontally or vertically to the form.

■ Uniform Size—Size the selected controls to be of uniform size according to Width, Height, Both.

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