Using Save As to Convert a File to an AddIn

Select Save As from the File menu in Excel. In the Save as Type field, scroll all the way to the bottom and select Microsoft Office Excel Add-In (*.xla). As shown in Figure 25.2, the file name changes from Something.xls to Something.xla. Also note that the save location automatically changes to an AddIns folder. This folder location varies by operating system, but it will be something along the lines of C:\Documents and Settings\Customer\ Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns. It is also confusing that, after saving the XLS file as an XLA type, the unsaved XLS file remains open. It is not necessary to keep an XLS version of the file, because it is easy to change an XLA back to an XLS for editing.

Figure 25.2

If you are creating an add-in for your own use, the Save As method changes the IsAddIn property,changes the name,and automatically saves the file in your AddIns folder.

Save As

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