Using Advanced Filter with Criteria Ranges

As the name implies, Advanced Filter is usually used to filter records—in other words, to get a subset of data. You specify the subset by setting up a criteria range. Even if you are familiar with criteria, be sure to check out using the powerful Boolean formula in criteria ranges later in this chapter, in the section "The Most Complex Criteria—Replacing the List of Values with a Condition Created as the Result of a Formula."

Set up a criteria range in a blank area of the worksheet. A criteria range always includes two or more rows. The first row of the criteria range contains one or more field header values to match the one(s) in the data range you want to filter. The second row contains a value showing what records to extract. In Figure 11.8, range J1:J2 is the criteria range and range L1 is the output range.

Figure 11.8

This is about the simplest criteria there is; to learn a unique list of products purchased by customer CDE,set up the criteria range shown in J1:J2.

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