Unleash the Power of Excel with VBA

The Power of Excel

Visual Basic for Applications combined with Microsoft Excel is probably the most powerful tool available to you. This tool is sitting on the desktops of 400 million users of Microsoft Office and most have never figured out how to harness the power of VBA in Excel. Using VBA, you can speed the production of any task in Excel. If you regularly use Excel to produce a series of monthly charts, you can have VBA do the same task for you in a matter of seconds.

Barriers to Entry

There are two barriers to learning successful VBA programming. First, Excel's macro recorder is flawed and does not produce workable code for you to use as a model. Second, for many who learned a programming language such as BASIC, the syntax of VBA is horribly frustrating.

The Macro Recorder Doesn't Work!

Microsoft began to dominate the spreadsheet market in the mid-90s. Although they were wildly successful in building a powerful spreadsheet program toward which any Lotus 1-2-3 user could easily transition, the macro language was just too different. Anyone proficient in recording Lotus 1-2-3 macros who tried recording a few macros in Excel most likely failed. Although the Microsoft VBA programming language is far more powerful than the Lotus 1-2-3 macro language, the one fundamental flaw is that the macro recorder does not work.

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