Train Your Clients

You might be developing code for a client across the globe or for the administrative assistant so that he can run the code while you are on vacation. In either instance, you might find yourself remotely trying to debug code while you are on the telephone with the client.

It is important to train the clients about the difference between an error and a simple MsgBox. A MsgBox is a planned message. It still appears out of the blue with a beep. Teach your users that error messages are bad but not everything that pops up is an error message. I had a client keep reporting to her boss that she was getting an error from my program. In reality, she was getting an informational MsgBox. Both Debug errors and Msgbox messages beep at the user.

When clients get Debug errors, train them to call you while the Debug message is still on the screen. You can then get the error number and the description, and ask them to click Debug and tell you the module name, the procedure name, and the line in yellow. Armed with this information, you can usually figure out what is going on. Without this information, it is very unlikely that you'll be able to figure out the problem. Getting a call from a client saying that there was a 1004 error is of little help—1004 is a catchall error that can mean any number of things.

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