The SecretIt Is Not That Amazing

Remember that Excel does everything in R1C1-style formulas. Excel shows addresses and formulas in A1 style merely because it needs to adhere to the standard made popular by VisiCalc and Lotus.

If you switch the worksheet in Figure 6.5 to use R1C1 notation, you will notice that the "different" formulas in D4:D9 are all actually identical formulas in R1C1 notation. The same is true of F4:F9 and G4:G9. Use the Options dialog to change the sample worksheet to R1C1-style addresses. If you examine the formulas in Figure 6.6, you will see that in R1C1 language, every formula in Column D is exactly identical. Given that Excel is storing the formulas in R1C1 style, copying them, and then merely translating to A1 style for us to understand, it is no longer that amazing that Excel can easily manipulate Al-style formulas as it does.

Figure 6.6

The same formulas in R1C1 style. Note that every formula in Column 4 or Column 6 is the same as all other formulas in that column.

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