The range was selected for easier viewing It is not required that the range be selected to be manipS ulated

Figure 16.4

The Range object selects everything in its path.

Mfirc-- 'Excel .•PowerPc-int/Outlook/and-Acc es s • all • use-the • same-VB A-Janguage.-tbe-only-differences-be twe en-them- are-i s-their-obj ect-models • (for- exampl e^-Exc el-has-a-Workbooks'object/Word'has'Doc uments)-" Any o tie ■ o f'the se-applications'can'ac cess* anothcr*application's*obj ect-model-as ■ Lo tig' as -the-sec ond-applicatio n*is'inst alled.f

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