The Plot AreaVBA Name Plot Area

This is the area where the data series are plotted. The plot area also contains the axes and axis labels. The plot area can be formatted just like the chart area. In addition, you can also resize and reposition the plot area within the chart. To do this, specify the Top, Left, Height, and Width properties of the plot area.

Sizing and Positioning an Object

Every drawing or chart object has a container. For example, the container for an autoshape (say, rectangle) is the worksheet on which it is drawn. Similarly, the container for a plot area is the chart itself. Each such object has a bounding rectangle. You can visualize the bounding rectangle as the smallest rectangle that can fully enclose the object.

In Excel VBA, distances and size are measured in points, one point being equal to 1/72 of an inch.

The position of the object is specified as the horizontal and vertical distance of the top-left corner of the object from the top-left corner of its container. The vertical distance corresponds to the Top property of the object, and the horizontal distance to its Left property. The height and width of such an object are defined as the height and width of the bounding rectangle for the object (see Figure 10.9).

Figure 10.9

Every object has a width and height,and is also located a certain number of points from the top and left of its container.

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