Speedometer Chart

Figure 10.23 shows data plotted on a speedometer chart. It is perfect for dashboard reports for your boss. This is a customized XY chart with two autoshapes (circles to represent the outer periphery and dial hub). The circles are sized and placed each time the chart is updated. The rest of the chart is made up of several series and data labels that derive data from the spreadsheet. The actual dial reading, as well as the range of each color zone, is completely customizable. Several dials can be generated for different parameters to make an attractive dashboard. The various dials on the dashboard are pictures of individual speedometer charts: The dials are generated when you click a button that runs a macro to read data for the various parameters from an Excel table (one row of data for each dial), update the XY chart in the background, and paste a (static) picture of this in a selected worksheet. The code arranges the pictures in a grid to give you the dashboard.

Figure 10.22

Each bubble is replaced with a picture of a pie chart.

Figure 10.23

These custom speedometer charts are perfect for the management dashboard report.

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