Settings for D Charts

All 3D charts have settings that apply to the appearance of the 3D effect. All these properties apply to the Chart object:

■ Elevation—This controls the height from which the viewer sees the chart. With an elevation of 0, the top plane of each column is not visible to the viewer. With an elevation of 90, the viewer looks straight down upon the top of the chart.

■ Rotation—This is a value from 0 to 359. With a small rotation number, you appear to be standing off to the right of the chart. With a number around 330 to 350, you appear to be standing a little to the left of the chart. Numbers in the 150-210 range are useful for turning the chart around and viewing it from the back.

■ Perspective—Valid values are 0 to 100. With a high perspective value, the floor of the chart becomes distorted.

■ BaseSize—The HeightPercent option controls how narrow or wide the base of the markers is. To have normal-size columns, set the height to 100% of the base. To make the columns skinnier, use a higher value, such as 150%.

■ RightAngleAxes—This value must be set to False if you want to control perspective. Note that bar charts always have this value set to True, so perspective cannot be adjusted on a bar chart.

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