Revenue by Customer for a Product Line Manager

A typical report might provide a list of customers who purchased each product. This report could be given to product line managers to show them which customers are buying their products. In this example, you want to show the customers in descending order by revenue with regions going across the columns. A sample report is shown in Figure 12.9.

The key to producing this data quickly is to use a pivot table. Although pivot tables are an incredible tool for summarizing data, they are quirky and their presentation is downright ugly. The final result is rarely formatted in a manner that is acceptable to line managers. There is not a good way to insert page breaks between each product in the pivot table.

To create this report, start with a pivot table that has product and customer as row fields, region as a column field, and revenue as the data field. Figure 12.10 shows the default pivot table created with these settings.

Figure 12.9

A typical request is to take transactional data and produce a summary by customer for each product line manager. You can use a pivot table to get 90% of this report,and then a little formatting to finish it.

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