Product Profitability Issues with Two or More Data Fields

So far, we've built some powerful summary reports. We've touched only a portion of the powerful features available in pivot tables. The prior example produced a report but had only one data field—revenue.

It is possible to have multiple fields in a pivot report. Microsoft also teases us, pretending to offer calculated fields and calculated items in pivot tables, but these rarely produce the intended calculation and should be avoided.

The data in this example includes not just revenue, but quantity, cost of goods sold (COGS), and profit. The CFO will probably appreciate a report by product that shows quantity sold, revenue, average price, cost of goods sold, average cost, gross profit, and gross profit percent.

If you started to build this report through the user interface, you might end up with a Layout dialog that looks like Figure 12.21.

Figure 12.21

Pivot tables can have many data fields.

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