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If as authors we've done our job correctly, you now have the tools you need to design your own VBA applications in Excel. You understand the shortcomings of the macro recorder, yet know how to use it as an aid in learning how to do something. You know how to use Excel's power tools in VBA to produce workhorse routines that can save you hours of time per week. You've also learned how to have your application interact with others so that you can create applications to be used by others in your organization or other organizations.

If you have found any sections of the book that you thought were confusing or could have been spelled out better, we welcome your comments and they will be given consideration as we prepare the second edition of this book. Write to us—[email protected] and [email protected].

Whether your goal was to automate some of your own tasks or to become a paid Excel consultant, we hope that we've helped you on your way. Both are rewarding goals. With 400 million potential customers, we find that being Excel consultants is a friendly business. If you are interested in joining our ranks, this book is your training manual. Master the topics and you will be qualified to join the team of Excel consultants.

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