Modeless Userforms

Ever had a userform active but needed to look at something on a sheet? There was a time when the form had to be shut down before anything else in Excel could be done. No longer! Forms can now be modeless, which means they don't have to interfere with the functionality of Excel. The user can type in a cell, switch to another sheet, copy/paste data, use toolbars and menus—it is as if the userform were not there.

By default, a userform is modal, which means that there is no interaction with Excel other than the form. To make the form modeless, change the ShowModal property to False. After it is modeless, the user can select a cell on the sheet while the form is active, as shown in Figure 21.6

Figure 21.6

A modeless form enables the user to enter a cell while the form is still active.

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