Any software solution must make editing existing connections just as easy. It should be possible to delete a connection with the same ease with which one deletes the content of any cell in Excel, that is, with the Delete or the Backspace key. Similarly, changing a connection to point somewhere else should be just as easy as entering the m/nnn ID of the new point in a cell. The software should delete the existing connection and make the new connection— assuming it meets the conditions for a legitimate connection.

The solution does not attempt to block the user from intentionally damaging the wiring grid. For example, if the user copies a range of cells in some other worksheet and pastes that range into the wiring grid, the result is a corrupt system. Similarly, if the user selects a single cell, then right-clicks and selects Delete, the result is a corrupt system. The implementation of a system that protects the user from herself or himself is beyond the scope of this case study.

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