Sub createWiringData(aWS As Worksheet) End Sub

Sub addWiringWSTag(aWS As Worksheet) End Sub

Sub initializeSystem()

If Not TypeOf ActiveSheet Is Worksheet Then

MsgBox "The active sheet must be a worksheet" Exit Sub '<<<<<

End If

If Not (ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Address = "$A$1" And _ IsEmpty(Range("a1"))) Then

If MsgBox("This worksheet contains data. " _

& "OK to delete existing content", vbOKCancel) _ = vbCancel Then _ Exit Sub '<<<<<

End If createWiringData ActiveSheet addWiringWSTag ActiveSheet End Sub

Once again, you haven't figured out what goes into each of the procedures createWiringData and addWiringWSTag. The time to do that is later.

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