Referring to Cells: A1 Versus R1C1 References 117

Switching Excel to Display R1C1 Style References 118

The Miracle of Excel Formulas 119

Case Study 121

Explanation of R1C1 Reference Style 121

Conditional Formatting—R1C1 Required . .126

Case Study 128

Array Formulas Require Conditional Formatting 129

Next Steps 130

are some features, such as setting up array formulas or conditional formatting with the Formula Is option, where you are required to enter the formula in R1C1 style.

I can hear the collective groan from Excel users everywhere. I would be all for skipping 14 pages of this old-fashioned addressing style if it were only an annoyance or an efficiency issue. However, because it is necessary to understand R1C1 addressing to effectively use important features such as array formulas or conditional formatting, we'll have to dive in and learn this style.

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