If the object library is not foundthen Word is not installed If another version is found in the list such as then another version of Word is installed

Figure 16.2

Select the object library from the References list.

References - VBAPreject

Available References:

[»rOSCft Word 11.0 Oblacl Library

U Mcrosoft Voice Commands /

U Mcrosoft Voice Dietatlon

□ Mcrosoft Voice Text

FI Mcrosoft Windows Image Acquisition 1.01 Type lire

□ Mcrosoft Windows Installer Qbject Ubrary

□ Mcrosoft WinHTTP Services, version 5.1

U Mcrosoft WinRTC Instant Messaguig Provider 1.0 Ty

□ Mcrosoft WMÎ Scrlpting VI.2 Lfarary Mi!

Mcrosoft XML, v5.0 U Mcrosoft XML, version 2.0 FI Wmunlr 1 ,n Tvrw I Ihr^rv

Mioosoft Word 11,0 Object Library

Location! CilProgramFilaslMitrosoftoiflMÎOFFICElllMSWORD.OLi Language: Standard



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