Global Versus Local Names

Names can be global—that is, available anywhere in the workbook—or local—available only on a specific worksheet. With local names, you can have multiple references in the workbook with the same name. Global names must be unique to the workbook. You can tell the difference between a local name and a global name because, in the reference, the name of the sheet is in front of the name, as in SheetllFruits, whereas for a global name, you would reference only the name, Fruits.

When looking at the Define Name dialog box, you may see the mixture of global and local listings, as shown in Figure 7.1.

The sheet names of the local names are listed to the right of the names.

If the same name is assigned to both a local reference and a global reference, only the local name appears on the list when you activate the sheet (see Figure 7.2). When the focus is on another worksheet, you see only the global name (see Figure

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