Extracting a Unique List of Values with the User Interface

With the cell pointer anywhere in the data range, select Data, Filter, Advanced Filter from the menu. The first time that you use the Advanced Filter command on a worksheet, Excel automatically populates the List Range text box with the entire range of your dataset. On subsequent uses of the Advanced Filter command, this dialog box remembers the settings from the prior Advanced Filter.

Choose the Unique Records Only check box at the bottom of the dialog.

In the Action section, choose Copy To Another Location. Type J1 in the Copy To text box. When you exit that field, Excel changes your entry to $J$1.

By default, Excel would copy all of the columns in the dataset. You can filter just the Customer column by either limiting the List Range to include only Column D, or by specifying one or more headings in the Copy To range. Either method has its own drawbacks.

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