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Because embedded charts do not create chart sheets, the chart events are not as readily available. You can make them available by adding a class module.

1. Insert a class module.

2. Rename the module to cl_ChartEvents.

3. Enter the following line of code in the class module: Public WithEvents myChartClass As Chart

The chart events are now available to the chart, as shown in Figure 8.6. They are accessed in the class module rather than on a chart sheet.

4. Insert a standard module.

5. Enter the following lines of code in a standard module:

Dim myClassModule As New cl_ChartEvents Sub InitializeChart()

Set myClassModule.myChartClass = _


End Sub

These lines initialize the embedded chart to be recognized as a chart object. The procedure must be run once per session (use Workbook_Open to automate this).

Figure 8.6

Embedded chart events are now available in the class module.

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