Each sheet has its own print areaAlsosetting a new print area on a sheet with an existing print area overwrites the original print area name

Luckily, Excel does not have a large list of reserved names:

Criteria and Extract are used when the Advanced Filter (Data, Filter, Advanced Filter) is configured to extract the results of the filter to a new location.

Database is no longer required in Excel, but there are some features, such as Data, Form, that do recognize it. Older versions of Excel used it to identify the data you wanted to manipulate in certain functions.

Print_Area is used when a print area is set (File, Print Area, Set Print Area) or when Page Setup options that designate the print area (File, Page Setup, Scaling) are changed.

Print_Titles is used when print titles are set (File, Page Setup, Sheet, Print Titles).

These names should be avoided and variations used with caution. For example, if you create a name "PrintTitles," you may accidentally code

Worksheets("Sheet4").Names("Print_Titles").Delete You've deleted the Excel name instead of your custom name.

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