Cannot Move or Change Part of a Pivot Report

Although pivot tables are incredible, they have annoying limitations. You cannot move or change just a part of the pivot table. For example, try to run a macro that would delete Column 0. This column contains the Grand Total column of the pivot table. The macro comes to a screeching halt with an error 1004, as shown in Figure 12.7.

Figure 12.7

You can not delete just a part of a pivot table.To get around this limita-tion,you can change the summary from a pivot table to just values.

Microsoft Visual Basic

Run-time error '1004':

You cannot change, move a part of, or insert cells in a PivotTable report. If you want to Insert cells on the wofksheetj drag the entire report out of the way, To move or add data to a report, do one of the following;

• Use the PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard to add fields to the report.

• Hide or arouo Items In a row or column field.

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