BonusFTP from Excel

After you are able to update Web pages from Excel, you still have the hassle of using an FTP program to upload the pages from your hard drive to the Internet. Again, we have lots of people proficient in Excel, but not so many comfortable with using an FTP client.

Ken Anderson has written a cool command-line FTP freeware utility. Download WCL_FTP from Save WCL_FTP.exe to the root directory of your hard drive, and then use this code to automatically upload your recently created HTML files to your Web server: Sub DoFTP(fname, pathfname)

1 To have this work, copy wcl_ftp.exe to the C:\ root directory ' Download from

' Build a string to FTP. The syntax is

' WCL_FTP.exe "Caption" hostname username password host-directory _

1 host-filename local-filename get-or-put 0Ascii1Binanry 0NoLog _

' 0Background ICloseWhenDone IPassiveMode 1ErrorsText

If Not Worksheets("Menu").Range("I1").Value = True Then Exit Sub s = c:\wcl_ftp.exe _

& " FTPUser FTPPassword www " _

& """" & pathfname & """ " _

Shell s, vbMinimizedNoFocus End Sub

0 0

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