Attach a Menu to a Command Button

Two types of buttons can be embedded in your sheet. I really prefer the traditional Button shape that can be found on the Forms toolbar instead of the newer ActiveX Command Button.

To use a button, you first need to customize your toolbars to include the Button icon: 1. Right-click any toolbar and select Customize.

In the Categories list box on the Commands tab, click on Forms. In the Commands list box, drag the button to an existing toolbar. Click Close to close the Customize dialog. Click on the Button icon in the toolbar.

Bring your mouse pointer to the place in the worksheet where you want to insert the button, then click and drag to create the shape of your new button.

7. When you release your left mouse button, the Assign Macro dialog displays. Select a macro to assign to the button and choose OK.

8. Highlight the text on the button and type new meaningful text.

9. To change the color, font, and other aspects of the button's appearance, right-click the button and choose Format Control from the popup menu.

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