The Old Standby CopyPaste

So far, you have seen that you can open text files directly or you can import them as a data range. Of course, you can always copy data from a text file and paste it into Excel. Then, if the data is not parsed, you can select Data ^ Text to Columns... to launch a wizard that will allow you to instruct Excel how to parse the data. The wizard that performs this? The Convert Text to Columns Wizard (a.k.a. the Text Import Wizard).

I will not bore you by describing the details because they are nearly identical to what you would do when you open a text file. The only difference here is that you need to select the range that you need to convert to columns and then use Data ^ Text to Columns. to launch the wizard (rather than File ^ Open and choosing a text file). Figures 15.13 and 15.14 show a before and after shot of text data that was pasted into Excel and then converted to columns using Text to Columns.

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