Do YOU ENJOY HELPING people? Are you seeking the warm satisfaction associated with creating value? If you learn how to develop applications based in Excel, you will be a happier person because you'll have the opportunity to help people and create value by creating applications that allow people to work much more efficiently.

I was talking to an Excel guru the other day. We were reflecting on what we have enjoyed most about our consulting careers. We both agreed that the most satisfying aspect of our career is the fulfillment we experience after solving some problem and witnessing the genuine satisfaction and elation a client expresses in the result.

Because so many people spend their whole day working with Excel and because it is so easy to program in Excel using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), you still have a lot of opportunity to develop useful applications that create value. This book will teach you how to develop such applications based in Excel using VBA and, according to the preceding logic, lead you to happiness.

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