Incorporating Text Files in Your Solution

The LOWLY TEXT FILE is a tried and true method of transferring data between disparate applications. When all else fails, chances are you'll be able to shuffle data by exporting it from one application into a text file and then importing the text file into the destination application. In heterogeneous environments, working with text files may be an everyday occurrence. Though XML is being pushed as a better way to transfer data, it is impractical to add XML capabilities to every existing system. Consequently, the ability to work with text files will not become irrelevant any time soon.

Excel provides many features aimed at facilitating the ability to use text files. In addition, the VBA language has features above and beyond those offered by Excel that you can take advantage of to easily read and write text files. In addition to teaching you about the mechanics of using text files in Excel and VBA, this chapter also covers some of the various text functions that you will find useful when working with text files.

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