Give Syntax Highlighting a

To change the syntax highlighting settings, select Tools ^ Options and then choose the Editor Format tab. The Editor Format tab is displayed in Figure 2.4.

NOTE In the next chapter, I'll begin covering information that will give this section more context. For now, just realize that this feature exists and that it can be very helpful in your development and maintenance efforts.

For each item in the Code Colors list box, you can set the foreground color (the color of the font), the background color, and the indicator color. The indicator color is not applicable to every item on the list. As you change the settings, the picture in the Sample box changes to show you what your settings would look like.

As you can see, the Editor Format tab is also the place to change the font and font size. These settings are applicable to all kinds of syntax elements. However, note that you can't set a different font or font size for each item in the Code Colors list box.

I'll touch on this subject again in Chapter 13, and by then, you'll have written enough code to be able to experiment with the settings and better appreciate why this feature can be so useful. If for nothing else, you can use this feature to add a little color to your life.

Figure 2.4

Use the Editor Format tab to change the syntax highlighting settings

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