Getting to Know Your Environment

Before YOU CAN START writing any serious code, you need to learn your way around the development environment. In this chapter, you'll examine the various aspects and features of the Visual Basic Editor (VBE). The VBE includes many features that do an excellent job of easing beginning developers into programming and helping experienced developers become more productive.

Personally, I have always disliked these kinds of chapters because I am always so eager to get on to the good stuff. If you have felt the same with other books, I hope you'll find this a little different. I am fairly confident that you'll find a few nuggets here that will make you glad you took the time to read it.

NOTE While exploring the VBE, you may come across functionality related to developing User Forms and debugging. I'll cover the features related to these topics separately. In Chapter 4, I'll cover functionality related to debugging, and I'll cover functionality related to forms in Chapter 20.

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