Extend a Great Product

When you use Excel as a development platform, your application has access to all of Excel's functionality and then some, and this is all without you having to write a single line of code. That means you already have a way to gather input and display output, ani you have a sophisticated calculation engine all without doing a single thing. If you write an application using Visual Basic, Java, or some other language, you need to consider how to handle these aspects and code them from scratch.

Two huge benefits arise from not having to start from scratch. First, when you start from scratch you have to write a lot more code and more code means a longer development cycle. Second, by using Excel's native capabilities, you get to use the proven performance and reliability of Excel; this means that you can reap the benefit of countless man-hours of development and testing from Microsoft, as well as testing and use by millions of users around the world. Contrast that against starting from scratch where the code you write may be exposed to maybe dozens or maybe even hundreds of development and testing hours.

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