Exploring Other Excel Objects

The Excel OBJECT MODEL is very rich. To go into detail on all of the objects available would fill many more pages than I have targeted for this book. Besides, you already have Excel's detailed help files available to you. Therefore, I believe the way I can provide added value to you is to help you focus on some of the objects that you're likely to use in the course of your normal development activities and give you good advice regarding how you use these objects. So far, I've covered the most important objects: Application, Workbook, Worksheet, and Range. Now I need to show you some of the more common supporting objects.

In particular, you'll look at various objects you need to know about in order to make your worksheets visually appealing. To do this, you need to review how to use colors, fonts, interiors, borders, and charts. By applying nice formatting touches to your worksheets, your applications will look as good as they perform. This chapter gives you the knowledge you need to do this.

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