Dealing with Databases

YOUR SKILLS AS A developer reach a new level when you learn how to develop solutions that harness the power of a database to handle an application's data storage and management chores. By designing solutions that utilize Excel's analytical and presentation capabilities and the data management capabilities of a database, you can create applications that perform faster, support more users, handle vast amounts of data, and enable sophisticated application functionality.

I aim to do three things with this chapter. First, I'll provide an overview of databases in general so that I can establish some common ground. Second, I'll show you the multiple ways that you can interact with a database from Excel without writing a line of code. Finally, I'll provide the details you need to programmatically interact with a database. As a special treat, I'll end the chapter by demonstrating how to work with Microsoft Analysis Services. Analysis Services is an online analytical processing (OLAP) product that enables rapid data analysis.

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