"WRITING a BOOK OF this type is an interesting activity. As you may suspect, it is also very solitary. Thankfully, though, you don't have to read the raw manuscript. Many people contributed their special talents to translate my thoughts into the cohesive whole you are holding.

My development editor, Brianne Agatep, kept me focused, fed my ego with praise, and managed the entire project. Brianne, you are tops on my list. Thank you for all of your hard work and encouragement.

The production editor handles the schedule for the project and makes sure everything runs smoothly. My production editor was Susan Berge. Susan did a wonderful job of keeping everything moving according to schedule.

My technical editor was Acey Bunch. Acey had a tough job—he not only had to read each chapter to check it for technical accuracy, he also tested all of the listings to see if they all worked as they should. Acey went above and beyond by performing all his required duties and providing me with many useful comments and suggestions.

In my opinion, the copy editor, Rebecca Rider, had the toughest job. She had to make sure each chapter lived up to the grammatical standards of my publisher. You should see all of the edits she made! Thank you, Rebecca, for making me look like I know how to put together a sentence.

I must extend a special thanks to the acquisitions editor, Tom Cirtin, for his help in getting me involved with this book and all of the constructive feedback he provided throughout the project.

Thanks as well to the rest of the staff at Sybex including Amy Romanoff who was responsible for the cover copy; the folks at Happenstance Type-O-Rama who laid out the book; proofreaders Laurie O'Connell, Amy J. Rasmussen, and Nancy Riddiough; and indexer Ted Laux.

I would also like to thank my former colleagues Chris Kunicki and Charles Maxson. Chris and Charles run the website—a useful site for VBA/Microsoft Office developers. Chris and Charles gave me several ideas and provided some useful information about XML and Smart Document functionality.

No one knows how much work it is to write a book (especially on top of your "regular" job) better than the close friends and family of an author. The process of writing this book had a profound impact on those closest to me. I mean, does a five-year-old really understand why you suddenly can't play with him as much as you used to? Cole, it tore at my heart to leave the house to go write on the weekends rather than play with you.

Do you know how movie stars and producers always emphasize their thanks to their spouses when they receive an award for their hard work? I now understand and appreciate this practice. Any significant undertaking is hard work, but all of the satisfaction of completing it goes to the person doing the work, not the person who has to stay at home and take up the slack of the "I'm too busy" spouse. Therefore, I would like to end by extending a heartfelt thank you to my wife Kelly for managing without me while I was writing. You put your needs on hold through this whole process to care for our newborn daughter Kennedy and our son Cole without much help from me. Thank you with all of my heart.

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