About the Companion CDROM

The inside back cover of this book contains a CD-ROM that holds many useful examples that I discuss in the text. When I write about computer-related material, I emphasize learning by example. I know that I learn more from a well-thought-out example than from reading a dozen pages in a book. I assume that this is true for many other people. Consequently, I spent more time developing the examples on the CD-ROM than I did writing chapters.

The files on the companion CD-ROM are not compressed, so you can access them directly from the CD.

Refer to Appendix E for a description of each file on the CD-ROM.

All CD-ROM files are read-only files. Therefore, if you open a file from the CD-ROM and make any changes to it, you need to save it to your hard drive. In addition, if you copy a file from the CD-ROM to your hard drive, the file retains its read-only attribute. To change this attribute after copying a file, right-click the filename or icon and select Properties from the shortcut menu. In the Properties dialog box, click the General tab and remove the check mark from the Read-only checkbox.

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