Whats Next

In this chapter, you learned how to launch, activate, and control other applications (Word and Outlook) from VBA procedures. You learned how to send keystrokes to another application by using the SendKeys method. You also learned how to manually and programmatically link and embed objects. Finally, you used Automation to create a new Word document from Excel and accessed this document later to change some formatting. You also

.Value = objItem.BusinessAddressCity

.Value = objItem.BusinessAddressState

.Value = objItem.BusinessAddressPostalCode

.Value = objItem.Email1Address learned how to retrieve your contact addresses from Microsoft Outlook and place them in an Excel worksheet. You expanded your knowledge of VBA statements with two new functions—CreateObject and GetObject. You also learned how and when to use the New keyword. To learn how to control Microsoft Access from Excel, see Chapter 15.

In the next chapter, you will find out how to collect more data from a user with the help of custom forms.

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