Using Custom Smart Tags

Before you distribute your smart tag solutions to other users, be sure to test the solution on your computer to ensure that it performs as desired. After moving or copying your smart tag definition file (.xml) into the \Pro-gram Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Smart Tag\Lists folder on your computer, launch Excel and open a blank worksheet. Next, click in any cell and type one of the terms that you defined in the terms file, using upper- or lowercase letters as required. Recall that the State Explorer smart tag will recognize only the state abbreviations written in lowercase letters. If you find that your smart tag does not perform as planned, you should quit Excel and edit your XML file. Resave the file with the newly made changes and relaunch Excel. You must restart Excel each time you make changes in the smart tag list definition files because the workbooks are scanned for smart tag recognizers only once (when the Excel application starts).

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