Two Types of XML Files

Once you've saved the recordset to a disk file, you can send it to someone via e-mail, or you can work with it yourself. If you open the XML file created by the SaveRst_ADO in your web browser, you will see the raw XML.

S C:VIK_BOOKS_ALL\E*ccLEH_?002\Chap»crsNcwSChaptcr_I AProducis. xmt Micio .HjBEJ

JÎ £¡3 I ¿^Search Favctiles ..jHiilwy | !i[Sj- ¿J 1 ': ±J

- <xrnl ymins:?—"uuid:B0C6E3F0-6DA3-11 dl -A2A3-OOAAOOCJ 4(10?" xmlnS;dt="uuld£C2F'11DID-6SB3-i ldi-A29F-DDAA00CI-188Z' >fmlns:rs-"urn:st:foomas microsoft comrrowsct" xmlns VKowsetSchcma"> - -cs:Schema id—"RowsetSchema"? - -csiElementType name-"row" ocntent-' eltOnly" > - <s-:fliSfibuteTy:ie riarfis='PruduttTD' rs:iiurnber=*l" ri;m,aydefer="true" rs! wnteunknow n- "true" >

<s:datatype dt:tfpe="int* di:ma]cLength='4 ' rs:precision^" 1 D '

rsifixedleriath-'true" /> < h; AttributeType >

csifltfibuteTyoe name-"ProductName' rs:rumbar»"Z'

rs: nu> labl e= "true" rs: ma y defer= "tru e " rs: wr.teunk now n= "tru e' :> ^siAttributeTyae nam = ='SupplierlD' rs!nurober="3" rsinu!labla='true"

rs: may defer—"tru e' rr: wrrteunk nown- "tru e' > <»:A4tfibuteType narne= "CategurylD" rs:number='4' rt ;riulleble="true'

rs: may defer- "tru c' rs: writeunknown- "tru e' > ^ s:AttnbuteTynami—'QuantityPerUnit' n:number—1 5'

rs: nuflabl e- "true" rs: may defer- "tru e" rs: wrteunk nown- "true" > <s:iittnbuteTypr nam"— "UnitPrice" rs:number—"ft" rs:ngllable—"true"

rs; ma v defer- "tru e' rs; writeunk nown- "tru e' > <s: AtfibuteTypc nam r-"Units InStock* r?: number—1"?'

rs:nullable= "true" rs:maydefer='true' rs:writeunknown= 'true «siAtiributeType nomc-'UnrtsOnUrder" rs;numbsr-"8"

rs: nullabl e = 'truif" m: ma y defer = 'tru e' rs: writeunk t iuwn= "true" csiflT&ibuteTy:e name-"ReorderLewel" m number—"9"

rS:nuilable='true" r5:maydefer='true' rs: wrrteunk no«n= "true '3-csiflttfibuteType nam== "Discontinued" rs:number—"l D' rs: ma y defer— "tru e" rs: writeunk nown= "tru e * > extends tjpe="rsirowbaie' /> i/s:ElcmentType> ■s/s ¡Schema s-

<z:row Products—" I" P.TJductFJame-'Chal" SupptierlD—' l" CategorylD—"I" Qu entity P erU ' i Q boxes k 20 bag*" UnitPrice='I B1 Units] nStack='39" Unjts0n0rder="0" P.eorderLevei="10" Discontinued—'False'

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