Text boxes are the most popular form controls because they can be used to display or request data from the user. You can enter text, numbers, cell references, or formulas in them. By changing the setting of the MultiLine property, you can enter more than one line of text in a text box. The text lines can automatically wrap around when you set the WordWrap property. And if you set the EnterKeyBehavior property to True when the MultiLine property is also set to True, you'll be able to start a new line in the text box by pressing Enter. Another property, EnterFieldBehavior, determines whether the text is selected when the user selects the text field. Setting this property to 0 (fmEnterFieldBehaviorSelectAll) will select the text within the field. Setting this property to 1 (fmEnterFieldBehaviorRecall-Select) will only select the text that the user selected the last time he activated this field. If you want to limit the number of characters the user can enter inside a text box, you can do this by specifying the exact number of characters in the MaxLength property.

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