Running Your First ASP Script

Now that you've prepared the ASP file and set up the virtual directory, including the necessary permissions, it's time to see the result of your efforts.

1. Open your Internet browser.

2. Enter the following address: http://localhost/accessDb/ AccessTbl.asp.

Localhost is the name of the web server installed on your computer, and accessDb is the name of the virtual folder where the ASP script file named AccessTbl.asp is stored. Type the address exactly as shown above and press Enter to execute the .asp file.

3. When the File Download ^^^ dialog box appears, choose ^B 1 Open this file from its V^H P current location and ^^^^^^

Figure 16-30: Opening the ASP script in an Internet browser

When you click OK after choosing the first option in the File Download window, the data from the Microsoft Access Northwind database Shippers table appears in a Microsoft Excel workbook opened in the browser (Figure 16-31). Choosing Save this file to disk in the File Download dialog box will allow you to download the file to your computer so that you can work with it later.

Notice the main menu in the browser. This is a Microsoft Excel menu bar merged with your browser's menu. You can use the Excel menu options to apply formatting to your data, add calculations, or use available analysis tools. Inside the browser, you can see a worksheet with a table containing data retrieved from Access. Now try to write another ASP script on your own to retrieve data from another Access table.

Figure 16-31:

The Excel application opened in an Internet browser displays a table of data retrieved from an Access database.

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