Refreshing Data

You can refresh data retrieved from a web page by using the Refresh data option on a shortcut menu. To get this menu, right-click any cell in the range where the data is located. Try this out using the data placed in a worksheet by the Currency_Exchange_POST procedure in the previous section. When the dialog box appears, prompting you for currency symbols and amount, specify USD as the From currency and CAD as the To currency. Enter any amount you want to convert.

The Refresh data option is also available from the Data menu and the External Data toolbar. Data can be refreshed in the background while performing other tasks in the worksheet when the file is being opened or at the specified time intervals. You can specify when the data should be refreshed in the External Data Range Properties dialog box; right-click anywhere in the data range and choose Data Range Properties from the shortcut menu (see Figure 16-21).

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